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Henry Hall Mule

Sometimes naming cocktails is as fun as creating the concoction itself.  Beverage Director Dave Werthman is known for his creative cocktail monikers including names like “What Would Bill Murray Do”, “Daisy Bell”, “Anybody Seen My Tamborine”, and more.

The Henry Hall Mule is a riff on a classic Moscow Mule.  The Moscow Mule is traditionally created with vodka and lime, topped with ginger beer and served in a copper mug.  When we received our most recent parcel of gorgeous copper mugs, from our friends at Absolut vodka, Dave knew it was time to get creative and make a splash with his twist on the classic mule.

So who is Henry Hall?  Captain Henry Hall an American from Dennis, Massachusetts who fought in the American Revolutionary War, who later was the first to successfully cultivate cranberries.  The website tells us this: “Cultivation of the cranberry began in 1816, shortly after Captain Henry Hall, a Revolutionary War veteran, of Dennis, Massachusetts, noticed that the wild cranberries in his bogs grew better when sand blew over them. Captain Hall began transplanting cranberry vines and spreading sand on them. When others heard of Hall’s technique, it was quickly copied. Continuing throughout the 19th century, the number of growers increased steadily.”

The Henry Hall Mule features Absolut Lime, ginger beer and spiked cranberry.  Stop in and try this cocktail, a nod to the original cranberry cultivator and our state’s rich cultural history.